Thursday, November 3, 2011

Download Film Just Call me Nobody (2010) BluRay

  • Date Released  : 3 December 2010
  • Genre                : comedy
  • Quality             : BRRip
  • IMDB Rating    : 3.8  
  •  Cast                 : Xiao Shen-Yang, Benshan Zhao, Kelly Lin
Sinopsis :

        The main character, acted by Xiao Shen Yang, is a shoemaker who goes from a martial-arts newbie to the number one expert. Zhao Benshan is a
bandit, superior in martial arts but who is defeated by Xiao Shen Yang. Cheng Ye plays one of Zhao Benshan’s subordinates, whose successes are lacking and whose failures are abundant and who is often burdening Zhao Benshan. The other roles all revolve around Xiao Shen Yang. Kelly Lin plays an ordinary martial who thinks she’s a princess and likes Xiao Shen Yang. Eric Tsang is a blind, but an expert fencer who is in charge of protecting the princess. Chen Zhipeng is the rightful emperor, as well as Kelly Lin’s character’s fiancee and Xiao Shen Yang’s character’s rival-in-love.
Xiao Xiao Bin acts out little Xiao Shen Yang, and Jacky Wu is an exceptional expert who lives at the bottom of a valley.

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